Here you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions! If you are still searching for the answer, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you in answering any questions that you may have. No question is a "stupid" question. Whether you are an experienced contractor or a first time DIYer, we strive to ensure that you feel welcome and comfortable when asking for advice/help!

Can I fill my own bag/bucket with product?

Yes! We know that not everyone has access to a truck or trailer to pick up material. You are more than welcome to visit our yard during our hours of operation and bring your own tote, recycling bin, or pails. We will charge accordingly for the product.

Please do not remove any product from our yard without authorization from our staff.

Can I get more than one product delivered in one truckload?

Yes! Our truck is equipped with a splitter, this allows us to bring 5 yards of one material, and 3 yards of another in one delivery.

Can I pick product up in my vehicle, instead of getting a delivery?

Yes! All of our product can be picked up at our yard, 44 Hart Drive, Barrie ON. Our loader is equipped with a bucket that allows us to load loose material into trucks/trailers.

Do you have yard bags?

We do not sell our bulk product (soil, aggregate, mulch, river stone, pea stone, and sand) in bags. All of our bulk product is sold loose.

Do you install material/product?

Unfortunately, no. We do not perform any installing services, we only provide the material. We can connect you with our many friends to complete your project for you though!

Do you load the product in your yard?

We have a loader that is equipped with a .5 cubic yard bucket, as well as a 1 cubic yard bucket. We will load the material you need into your vehicle for you.

How do I check the availability of a product?

Under our products page, you will find all of our bulk material. We are frequently updating our website. If you are able to purchase the material online, you will be able to find it in our yard as well. You can also contact us by email and by phone and we will be happy to help!

Some product, such as our natural stone (armour stone, flagstone, boulders) and bagged material (seed, landscape fabric, black granite & white dolomite) are unavailable for online purchase and require in-person selection. We are frequently updating our website and will post when something is not available for purchase. You are also welcome to contact us by email or phone to check availability.

For sod availability, please call our office. As it is first come first serve, and goes fairly quickly, it is difficult to update online.

How many Cubic Feet are there in 1 Cubic Yard?

A cubic yard is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft = 27 cubic feet

How many cubic yards will fit into my pick-up truck?

Generally, most trucks can only handle a half yard of loose material. We are equipped with a half yard bucket, so we can safetly load your truck with ease!

How many rolls/square feet are there in a skid of sod?

There are 85 rolls of sod per skid. One skid will cover 765 square feet.

How much is delivery?

To find the delivery price for your location, visit our delivery page to view our list. If you do not see your location on our list, please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to give you a cost/if delivery to you is possible.

What are your hours of operation?

Please visit our Contact page for our current hours of operation.

These hours are subject to change due to weather conditions and other circumstances.

What are your measurements for one roll of sod?

One sod roll measures to be 16" wide, 7' long, and will cover 9 square feet.

What is the maximum volume you deliver in one load?

8 cubic yards is the maximum. There is also weight restriction: 8 tons maximum.

In spring (usually in April to early May) the province enforces load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario's highways during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur. In this case, we can only deliver 4 tons at a time. No volume restrictions, we still can deliver 8 cubic yards of a material as long as the weight does not exceed 4 tons.

What is the minimum quantity of a bulk product we can buy from you?

We require a minimum of half a cubic yard in order to deliver loose product. You are welcome to visit our yard and pick up as much product as you require for your project.

What time of the year are you open?

We are open seasonally. We typically open early spring when the ground has thawed (around April) and will close when the ground is frozen. We will update our website accordingly, or you can give our office a call!

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit Card, and Cash payments.

Where are you located?

Please go to our Contact page for a map view of our location.

We are located right off Dunlop Street, across from the Best Western hotel!