Traditional lawn mixture, grass seeds 50 lb (22.68kg) bag

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Start a beautiful lawn with our grass seeds

  • Grass needs at least 10 centimeters (4") layer of good topsoil.
  • A fine smooth seedbed will produce a smooth lawn.
  • Starter fertilizer at the recommended rate will make the grass thrive.
  • Evenly applies (approximately 5 to 7 pounds per 1,000 square feet), the seeds will have enough light, water and nutrients to grow.
  • Apply half of the seeds in longitudinal rows going horizontally and the other half in perpendicular direction.
  • Rake or roll the soil gently after applying the seeds.
  • Keep the area moist until the seeds are established. After that, to encourage deep root growth, soak the soil well but not too frequently.
  • For best results, apply early to mid-spring or early fall.

Understanding how our seed germinate and the grass grows

Our Traditional Lawn Mixture contains seeds of four species:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass,
  • Creeping Red Fescue,
  • Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass
  • Annual Ryegrass.

Various seed species need various germination time and growing conditions, so the whole mix works well in various conditions: one or another species will grow in any conditions. Under ideal growing conditions, some seed will germinate in one week, while others will take four weeks. Seeds germinate the best when temperatures are 15-26 C. Seed applied at cooler temperatures may take longer to emerge.

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Last updated: Sept. 18, 2020