• $70.00/ Roll

3'x100' Landscape fabric, 20-year weed free guarantee, ProGuard:

How to buy 3'x100' commercial grade landscape fabric?

1. Buy this fabric online together with the loose bulk products, like river rocks, 3/4 clear stone, or HPB; we will deliver the fabric in the same truck. No extra delivery cost for the fabric. Check our truck ride prices for bulk products delivery on our Delivery page. This feature does not work in winter.

2. Pick up the fabric in our yard. Check our office hours on our Contact page before coming, please.

3. Postal delivery is possible but not very feasible.

This extremely strong landscape fabric will keep your flower beds and landscaping areas weed-free and moist at the same time. Also available in 3'x50' rolls.

The properties

This landscape fabric is tear and puncture-resistant but water-permeable which made it very popular among professional landscapers and horticulturists. It helps control the growth of weeds without the usage of poisonous chemicals, so the fruit, flowers, berries or lawns grown with this fabric are not toxic.

It lets water seep through to stabilize moisture without pudding.

It does resist degradation both under the sunlight and the soil chemicals released by different organisms, like plants, fungi or microbes.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.