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HPB (High Performance Bedding)

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What is HPB?

High-Performance Bedding (HPB) is limestone chips you can easily use for many DIY projects. It is 3/8" clear stone with no fines and contains only pea-size pieces of limestone. HPB looks similar to limestone screenings but has been washed clean, and it makes a whole lot of difference. Limestone screenings wick the water away, especially if compacted. HPB, even in a well-compacted state, passes the water very well, as it consists of angular and not too fine particles. A cubic yard of HPB weighs approximately 1.25 tons. The weight may vary depending on how humid HPB is.

Bedding, backfill and drainage

For the areas with no heavy traffic, like a patio, High-Performance Bedding works great if you contain it by using edging. HPB consists of angular particles to interlock, so no shifting, no heaving, and the level of your patio will not sink, especially if you put landscaping or filtration fabric below the aggregate to prevent it from mixing with the soil. You can see many examples of successful usage of HPB as a bedding material for a patio but not only.

Any object (like a hot tub, swimming pool, shed) if not very large and heavy, can be installed with HPB as a bedding.

HPB is also a perfect drainage material under walls or slabs, and as a back fill around swimming pools or behind small retaining walls.

You can use limestone screenings for the same purpose, depending of what you need from an aggregate: to wick the water or to pass the water through.

Stone ground cover and soil component

HPB is an excellent ground cover material and soil component.

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