• $25.00/ Stone

Granite boulders, large and small

Small granite boulders, mossy. Average price: $25

Small boulders, like in the picture below vary from 10 to 16 inches in size. There are mosses and lichens growing on them.

If you want to buy boulders online, email me, and I set up a webpage for you to buy online.

Large granite boulders (pictures below) Average price: $50 - $250

Scroll down the page to see the photos of some large granite boulders.

We also carry rugged large granite boulders. Unlike round boulders, they expose natural granite cleavage.

A large granite boulder may cost from $50 to $200, depending on its size and uniqueness. Each boulder's price is different.


Centrepiece stones, headstones, address stones, dog pee stones, and more. You can even build a retaining wall of these boulders.

Properties of Granite

Granite is much heavier and stronger than limestone. Granite does not influence soil acidity. It comes in many natural hues and colours: pink, grey, greenish, black, etc. In the picture below is a large boulder of pink granite in our yard in Barrie:

Why are field stones round?

12,000 years ago, advancing glaciers pushed billions of tons of soil and rocks before them along thousands of miles. Many big and small granite boulders, rounded and polished by the glacier, can be found in many places since then. Geoscientists can study the path of prehistoric glaciers while investigating the fieldstones.

Your garden stone is a treasure

It is cute to have granite stones in your garden. These ancient stones deserve our admiration not only because they look great on the lawns. They witnessed the glacier, are watching your walk of life and will be observing your grandchildren's lives.

In the picture below is the texture of a large pink granite boulder.

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