• $60.00/ bag

DELUXE OVERSEEDING, 10lb (4.54 kg)

Coverage: 10 lb of Deluxe Overseeding seeds up to 2500 square feet.

This mix is available in 2kg, 10lb, 25 lb (11.3 kg) and 55lb (25kg) bags.

Perennial ryegrass seed mix for self-repairing turf

This mix consists of 100% Perennial Ryegrass, the most popular lawn grass. It quickly repairs after intensive traffic due to its highly effective components:

  • 50% Certified Perennial Ryegrass
  • 50% Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

The second component of the mix, Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrassis, responsible for the unique self-repairing ability of this mix. The first component, as all ordinary perennial ryegrasses, does not have above-average self-repairing ability. But its high quality and germination rate was confirmed by the certification.

Endophyte-enhanced Perennial Ryegrass

The Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass is also endophyte-enhanced.

Endophytes are plant-friendly fungi that cooperate with the plant. They are a natural component of this lawn seed mixture. After the grass seeds germinate, endophytes create a natural repellent against insects in the plant organism.

Endophytes greatly reduce the risk of the plant's insect infestation.

A universal mix for the Canadian climate

Deluxe Overseeding performs well on most of the soil types and at various growing conditions in Canada. It is perfect not only for overseeding and patching bare spots in an existing turf but also for establishing a new lawn. Some extra features make its usage even more effective:

  • Water Sense™ coating on the seed improves the speed of establishment and saves water
  • Very fast establishment
  • 100% Certified and 99.9% weed-free seed
  • Yellow coated seed for even distribution while planting

How to make grass better tolerate drought

1. Keep the soil moist after sowing the grass till it created the roots.

2. Later, water it once per week. Provide 1- 2 inches of water for further root development. Don’t water more frequently! Frequent watering will discourage the grass from producing deep roots. Allowing longer periods without watering the plants with established roots trains them to go to deeper soil layers to search for water. It works the best if clay is deeper in the soil. Clay keeps the moisture better and longer than sand, but there is some water in depth even in the sand.

3. Well-trained Deluxe Overseeding grass mix will survive up to 60 days without watering or rain. It can survive an even longer summer drought and self-repair due to its self-repairing ability if partially damaged.

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