Deluxe Overseed LS, grass seed 10lb (4.54 kg) bag

To buy the seed online with postal delivery, please ask us for special setup for you to avoid truck delivery cost calculation in your online order.

Buy Deluxe Overseed LS with triple mix or soil

We deliver bulk landscaping materials locally by truck, and a truck ride cost $60 + tax in the city of Barrie (more expensive to other places), so it makes sense to order grass seed together with other bulk products. In this case, we will deliver them to you by our truck together with the soil, mulch, gravel, or decorative stone you order.

Another option is to pick up your bag of grass seed in our yard at 44 Hart Dr. in Barrie (check the hours at our Contact page before coming), or order the seed by postal delivery.

Deluxe Overseed LS: Canada No 1 lawn mixture for overseeding

Deluxe Overseed LS, turf lawn seed mixture is an extra potent mix for overseeding an existing lawn on most soil types. Due to lateral spread (LS) Perennial Ryegrass and endophyte enhancement, it is Number One overseeding mixture in Canada. LS Perennial Ryegrass has been awarded a US patent as it has the unique spreading ability.

Recuperating fillers begin to form 1 season (7 months) after sowing. These fillers allow LS Perennial Ryegrass to spread and fill in much quicker than other "recuperating" ryegrass. Traditional perennial ryegrass does not spread.

Deluxe Overseed LS lawn mixture composition and coverage

  • 20% Kentucky Blue Grass,
  • 20% Creeping Red Fescue,
  • 30% Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass,
  • 30% Torsion LS Perennial Ryegrass.

10 lb of Deluxe Overseed LS seeds up to 2150 square feet. This mix may be also available in 25 lb (11.3 kg) bags and 2 kg (4.4 lb) bags. 1kg seeds up to 44 sq meters / 474 sq foot.

Tips to overseed a lawn

If the weather, pets, or other factors make your lawn looking sad, it is time to reinvigorate it by overseeding. A few tips:

  • the best overseeding time is spring or fall, as cool temperature and rains help you
  • before overseeding, mow your lawn shorter than usually and remove the clippings to allow the seeds get on the soil
  • rake the bare or thin areas vigorously to loosen the soil and to remove debris
  • for thickening up purposes, apply at half the recommended rate
  • for patching up purposes, apply at the full the recommended rate
  • apply a thin layer of topsoil on patched up areas
  • keep the area moist by frequent light watering until the seed is established
  • depending on the grass species, under ideal growing conditions, some seeds will germinate one week, while others will take four weeks

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