HardiLawn LS grass seed mixture, 50 lb bag

You can buy 25lb, 10lb, and 50lb bags

HardiLawn LS, containing 100% seed of patented LS grass varieties is ideal for dry and sandy soil. A lawn created with the use of this mixture is hard-wearing, vigorous, and requires less mowing. It recovers after drought and intensive wear.

HardiLawn LS is suitable for both patching up spots and establishing a new lawn. It can also be used to overseed lawns, especially in early- to mid- September in the case brown spots appear after a hot and dry summer. Being a part of the mix, LS Perennial Ryegrass varieties will keep the lawn attractive during the cold season and help to recover after the frosts.

The proportions of various LS grasses in the mix:

70% Dynamite LS Tall Fescue, the champion at withstanding drought, insect attack, and diseases. The top performer in the trials!

15% Slider LS™ Perennial Ryegrass

15% Torsion LS™ Perennial Ryegrass

About Dynamite LS Tall Fescue, HardiLawn's main component

Tall fescue is a specie with many varieties that may look and perform very differently. There are pasture varieties that indeed grow tall and course. Tall fescues intended for home lawns, golf courses, municipal green areas, and the like applications are different. Dynamite LS Tall Fescue variety is the best of them.

Due to aggressive tillering, it produces a fine-leaved, dense, and very wear tolerant turf of a very dark green color. Dynamite LS is a slow-growing variety resulting in fewer mowing and reduced clippings. Its excellent turf quality, even in the harsh summer conditions of the southeast regions, saves the dollars for watering and lawn repair.

Tall fescue prefers warmer soil for germination, typically 55 F (13 C) to 58 F (14 C). In the Transition zone, this means early spring and early fall. Further north, late spring and late summer are preferred. Dynamite LS should be sown at a rate of 6 to 9 lbs per 1000 sq ft (275 to 400 lbs per acre), lightly covered with soil and kept moist until after the first cutting. Maximum density is achieved by planting with a slicer/seeder or following aerification, and with the application of starter fertilizer. First mowings are generally within three weeks, or when plants first reach 3 in. in height. Overseed existing tall fescue at a rate of 225 to 300 lbs per acre.