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Limestone garden edging, mixed sizes

How much is edging for your project?

We sell our limestone edging for $0.30 per pound, but if you buy a whole skid (up to 4000 lbs), you get it for around $1,000+tax.

You can presume the price is about $6 (plus tax) per linear foot for your estimation. For example, if you need 70 feet-long edging, then the cost of the material for your project will be $6*70 = $420+tax. The per-linear-foot price is based on the average weights of the blocks and is provided here for your estimation only.

The exact cost of the material (based on the price of 0.30+tax/lb) will be known when the stone you are going to buy is weighted. Natural stone may vary in density, so some deviation will probably take place.

In the picture below is a skid of mixed limestone edging in our yard in Barrie. The skid contains 4x4", 4x5", and 4x6" blocks, which means that the height of the edging will vary. In a creative way, some people combine edging of different heights to designate the zones boundaries, but it does not work in all cases, of course.

Every skid of mixed-size edging is around 170 - 190 linear feet and costs around $1000+tax. These values are for your rough estimation only. With the variations in skids weight and block size, it is hard to make more precise estimation. You will be charged per pound for the stone.

Why use edging of natural stone?

Natural stone always looks better in the yard than flimsy synthetics, and it is also environmentally clean and durable. The colour of the limestone is grey which fits to any other hardscape elements.

This neutral colour and rough, rustic texture can create an interesting contrast to foliage or blossom in your yard. With all the shades, sizes and finishes, our choice of natural edging can satisfy your need for a hardscape element that is decorative and functional at the same time. Our edging is uniform in size which makes it easy to install.

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Last updated: July 29, 2022

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