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Stone edging 4x6, striped

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Garden edging is an important element of hardscape desing

Edging separates elements of a landscape from each other, for example, walkways and driveways from flowerbeds and lawns. It divides the whole area into zones, both visual and functional, by holding loose materials (soil, gravel, river stone) as well as turf on the spot, so the design is well organized, nice, and neat. While looking attractive, and offering a smooth mow line, natural stone edging is environmentally clean and durable.

Natural stone edging cost

We sell this 4"x6" limestone edging at the price of $0.25+tax a pound or $1100+tax a skid to pick up in Barrie. For your estimation only, you can use the price $5.50 - 6.00 a foot. Edging of other sizes will have different per foot cost, while by-weight price is pretty close.

If you are not going to install the edging yourself, then you need to ask a contractor about the price of the edging installation and add to the material cost.

Easy to install beautiful stone

Our 4"x6" limestone edging is uniform in heights and width that makes it easy to install. The pattern is beautiful: alternating dark and light layers that reveal sedimentary nature of limestone created hundreds of millions years ago when the ocean covered most of the territory of Ontario.

These limestone edging blocks are stackable, so you can use them for other projects where stackability is required. They have a rustic look due to the natural limestone cleavage. Garden walls, pillars, fire pits, raised beds, and other structures you build of them have a very man-made look.

Average weight of a single stone

While the heights and width of the edging are pretty uniform, its length may vary significantly. Most of the stones' length is between 6 and 24 inches. A foot of this edging weights about 24 lb, so the average weight of a stone is between 12 lb to 48 lb.


You can inquire or order by phone (705)728-5448 or by email manager@rocksandgravel.ca. In winter, we are open for shorter hours depending on the weather, so call us before coming if you want to have a look at the stone.


The delivery cost (an 8-ton truck ride) in Barrie is $60+tax, in GTA $200+ tax. Delivery costs to some other locations can be found on the Delivery page of our website (scroll it down). If your location is not there, call us to find out the delivery cost to your location or any other relevant info. We unload the delivered stone onsite gently with our mini crane and try to move the stone as close to the job site as it is possible with our mini crane and truck (the latter is about 10 feet wide and 20' long).

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NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

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