• $0.30/ Pound

Limestone edging, 4x8-inch

The blocks of limestone edging cost

4x8-inch is the cross-section of this natural limestone edging with a striped pattern. The length of the blocks is random.

We sell this natural stone edging by weight, $0.30+tax a pound. This price is approximately equal to $12.6+tax per linear foot.

You can use the price per linear foot price FOR YOUR ESTIMATION ONLY. For example, if you need 500 linear feet of edging, it will cost 500*$12.6 = $6300+tax.

Limestone edging vs. concrete edging

Our Wiarton limestone stone edging is guillotine-cut, so its texture is stony. The rock-face surface will not be spoiled by minor chips and cracks that may appear over the years. You cannot notice the chips on the guillotined surface.

Every minor chip can spoil the surface of concrete edging. Even concrete "fake stone" products will reveal their artificial texture when chipped.

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NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

  •  Natural Stone for Patios and Walkways