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Rocks for aquarium

Natural stone materials to use in aquariums and terrariums

Our stone yard in Barrie carries natural stones: limestone, jasper and granite of various shapes and colours. Aquarists and their fish, as well as other creatures, love some of our rocks.

You can use natural stone landscape decorations for your pet if you know what rocks are safe precisely for your creature and how to prepare rocks for it. We sell natural rocks (which means they are not processed.) Use them at your own risk.

Make cute shelters of limestone for your African Cichlids.

In the small upper photo, you can see how creative one of our customers uses limestone flagstone (flat stone) he bought from us to create a home for his African Cichlids. The multicoloured fishes look gorgeous on the grey background. Limestone rocks are particularly suitable for African Cichlids, who like alkaline water pH.

We have a natural random flagstone of limestone (grey; see the large picture above the text).

Rough Jasper for aquariums and aquascape

Our rough jasper is beautiful. It consists of microcrystalline quartz, a natural mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. Jasper is available in various colours as natural micro quantities of other substances are present in the rock. You can see white quartz veins and red-banded formations containing iron compounds in some stones.

Jasper is chemically inert. It does not alter the pH of the water. It is safe for animals and plants.

In the picture below, there are wet and dry jasper rocks. A 2-dollar Canadian coin is among the dry stones for the size comparison.

Our customers: bearded dragons, axolotls, and not only

Not only do aquarium fish enjoys our stones, but also bearded dragons, axolotls, etc.

For example, you can use flagstone or create a basking platform for a bearded dragon: glue together a few smaller pieces of flagstone with a larger flagstone piece on top. You can make a hiding place under the large flagstone for the reptile, as it needs some peace and privacy once in a while. Put a stone in front of the platform, so the reptile would not be visible when sitting under the platform.

If you prefer a solid rock for your pet to bask in, you can find it in our yard too.

Once we got a phone call from Whitehorse from an axolotl owner who ordered a beautiful piece of weathered limestone. Canada Post successfully delivered our parcel with the rock.

You can use our clear limestone aggregates and river rocks of various sizes as substrates or accent stones, depending on which size is better for your pet. They are 6 sizes: from 3-5 mm (quarter inch) particle size to large ones (up to about 6 inches). You can make a unique landscape when combining river rocks and aggregates of various sizes with rocks.

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Updated on July 15, 2022.

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