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Weathered limestone boulders

Weathering of limestone

Limestone is easily weathered. Water, especially if having acid PH (this happens when carbon dioxide is dissolved in it), gradually washes out this calcium carbonate rock. Where there is a small depression in a rock, the water stays longer and itches and dissolves the mineral, just like a piece of sugar but much slower. This way the stone surface acquires sophisticated shapes, sometimes looking like abstract sculptures.

Weathered limestone boulders for sale in our yard in Barrie

The boulder in the pictures above and below and many others are available right now for sale. Great choice of shapes, colors, and textures! Some of the weathered boulders are covered with moss: dark green, light green, brown, etc. Some of the "mosses" on the stones are, in fact, lichens that consist of two organisms coexisting: a fungus and an alga. Some of the weathered rocks even have grass or flowering plants growing on them.

On average, the weathered limestone boulders' dimensions range from 0.5 ft to 1.5 ft. The weight (on average) is from 75 to 150 lbs. We also carry boulders that are out of these ranges (they are either bigger or smaller). The above figures are for your estimation only.

Please, come, look and pick up what you like. In summer, we usually are open for visitors from 10 am to 3 pm, 7 days a week. Please, check our Contact Page to check the hours exactly. Keep a 6-ft distance when in the yard, and wear your mask when approaching the sales staff.

We deliver you the boulders if you need to. Check our truck ride prices to different locations on the Delivery page of this website.

Limestone rocks landscaping ideas

Use small and big weathered rocks to decorate your garden in many ways. Depending on the shape, you can use a piece of weathered limestone as a chair or table, garden accent stone or edging, for decorating waterfalls or ponds. Rocks look gorgeous in a rock garden among alpine plants or succulents. You can use a large limestone slab with a showy flower in a container on it as a curb appeal. The "etude" below is just another idea.

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