• $900.00/ Skid

Wiarton limestone blocks, 8x8 inch square

Made of stone

The blocks naturally have a rustic look due to their rock-face appearance. Garden walls, pillars, fire pits, garden edging, raised beds, and other structures you build of them have a very man-made look that is so appealing in the city of Barrie and area where the old style buildings are preserved and the value of masonry traditions is understood.

Easy to stack

The pieces are rectangular (uniform thickness and right angles), so you don't spend time on leveling. Being easily stackable due to the regular thickness, they look stony due to the natural limestone cleavage. On the same skid, some 8"x9" blocks are happen among 8"x8" ones. This variation does not affect the stackability, as you always have at least one 8" side.

Wiarton 8x8 inch square limestone blocks' length is random. They go anywhere from 1' to 3' long. We sold quite a few of them during the season, and only one skid is left now.

Unique Wiarton limestone with strata pattern

Wiarton limestone is usually of grey-brownish color, 8x8-inch blocks have unique strata pattern in these buff tones.

8x8 limestone blocks price

We sell them for $900/skid +tax. It turns out to be about $21+tax a linear foot.

How to buy the stone from our yard

You can pay over the phone at 705.728.5448, or come to the yard to pay in person. In the latter case, you can look at the stone, make your decision, pay, and either pick it up or order the delivery. Some stones are available for sale online but not this one.

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Last updated: Sept. 24, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

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