• $35.00/ Cubic Yard

3/4 crusher run

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Perfect for traffic areas

How crusher run differs from other types of gravel?

It consists of particles of various sizes: from fines to 3/4" as long as it is 3/4 crusher run. The fines make crusher run messy and dusty, unlike clear gravels. But the dust is beneficial here, as the fine particles together with bigger angular pieces of limestone are capable of creating a terrific well-compacted and interlocked structure. Some other types of gravel, like limestone screening and A Gravel, contain fines and are dusty similarly to Crusher Run, but the sizes of their largest particles are different: smaller in Limestone Screenings and bigger in Granular A than in Crusher Run. Besides, our A Gravel consists of granite and sand (quartz) particles, while Crusher Run is crushed limestone.

Usage of Crusher run under hard and soft surfaces

Our 3/4 Crusher Run is mainly used in making roads, driveways, parking lots and other paved areas with traffic. You can use it under asphalt, concrete, pavers, and other surfaces, even for putting green. If you take care to pack crusher run tightly, it turns into a solid layer that stays convex and smooth under the traffic for a long time.

Crusher run base ensures traffic area with

  • no shifting
  • no dipping
  • no developing potholes

even with the vicious freeze-thaw cycles of Barrie and area!

Best crushed stone for gravel road or driveway

If making a driveway of Crusher Run alone, it does not displace from the spot, like 3/4 clear gravel, and does not create dust as A Gravel. Nevertheless, with the snowy winters in Barrie and area, it is better to lay a harder paving material on top of the gravel for easier driveway maintenance.

If the surface paving material is blocks or slabs, you need to put a layer of bedding under them for easier leveling.

Dump truck of gravel cost

Our truck holds 8 cubic yards of crusher run, $35/cubic yard, so a dump truck of crusher run costs $280+tax. Delivery cost is extra and depends on the delivery point. For example, delivery in Barrie ON costs $60+tax a truck ride, so a truckload of crusher run delivered in Barrie will cost $340+tax.

You can check a truck ride cost to your location on Delivery page of this website, add it to $280 to find out how much is to get a truckload of crusher run delivered to your location.

Other gravels' price per cubic yard may differ from crusher run's, so adjust your calculations accordingly.

Crushed asphalt vs gravel driveway

Crusher run is crushed natural limestone, unlike crushed asphalt that is an oil product.

Crusher run consists of 3/4" particles plus a specific blend of stone dust. The stone dust fills the voids between the rocks to ensure that they are interlocked tightly and will not move with the time. The material can easily be compacted at any conditions to create a solid layer. Potholes and ruts in a gravel driveway are easy to fix.

Crushed asphalt is packed only when becomes soft (under the sun or if heated in another way). In the cold weather, you will have trouble to pack it. Without strong gravel base, the ruts and potholes are created in the crushed asphalt driveway, and they are hard to fix.

Buy Crusher Run at Rock and Gavel Boutique Ferndale Gardens

PICK UP FROM OUR YARD at 44 Hart Drive in Barrie: half cubic yards and more. We use our loader to upload material to your truck. We can do it gently. Free parking is available at the site for the visitors. During COVID-19 epidemic, please observe social distance with other visitors. We try to avoid crowds in the yard to provide safer environment to our customers and ourselves.

Call us by the phone to order the delivery; there is a big chance that we will be able to deliver the same day if you wish. If you buy online, you can schedule the delivery to the next day or later.

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