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Limestone rocks: armor stones

Armor stones: rock-faced sides and flat, parallel tops and bottoms

Our armour stones are of limestone extracted in Ontario. Most armour stones are of limestone here.

Such flat stones people learned to extract from limestone deposits long ago. Limestone is mild enough to be extracted by primitive tools and strong enough to be used for the protection of river and sea banks against water erosion, - that was the original purpose of armor stone.

Armour stone sizes and prices

We sell various armor stones $800 to $850(+tax) a skid (2.25 to 2.50 tons of limestone.) Check a variety of armour stones and limestone blocks' sizes and textures to choose from. They are priced per skid on that page.

One person of average strength can NOT handle most of the armour stones. Depending on the size, one armour stone weighs 80lbs or more, or much more.

You can buy a single rock or a few rocks of certain armour stones, similar to the one in the picture above. The stone in the picture is 12" high and is sold for the price indicated next to the picture.

Buying a stone online on this page makes sense only in case you need it roughly similar to the one in the picture. If you need a stone with specific dimensions, please, contact us for availability. The appearance and dimensions of armour stones may vary; this is the beauty of them in creating a natural, "stony" look, unlike concrete blocks do.

Usage of armour stone in landscaping

Apart from making retaining and garden walls, you can use an individual armor stone as an address stone, border stone, or centrepiece stone - whatever your designer's fantasy suggests you. Most of our armour stones are sold by skid, though you can buy an individual armor stone too.

Naturally flat surface makes them comfortable and nice-looking sitting stones. You can find countless examples of using armor stone as decorative boulders. These massive rocks are popular as retaining wall materials due to their heaviness, strength, stackability, and stony look.

Armor stone is often used for the building of weight-bearing structures (like retaining walls), so the strength requirements are stricter for armor stone than for purely decorative rocks, like the ones described below.

We carry other types of limestone rocks

If you need one or more limestone boulders rather than a skid, consider a weathered limestone boulder. Its surface does not have natural limestone cleavage. The elements smoothened its shape. These boulders look like abstract sculptures. Weathered limestone is pleasant on touch, though it is not always as strong as armor stone.

Mossy rocks, are one more exciting type of limestone rocks for landscaping.

Limestone flagstone is a paving material. Thicker flagstones can be used for making garden walls.

Our landscape edging stones of various sizes and textures are long and narrow limestone rocks used to separate zones in landscaping.

Our natural washed river rock products are mixtures of limestone and granite rocks of various sizes.

Our various crushed limestone aggregates (fragments of limestone rock) are used for driveways, drainage projects, bedding and other purposes in home improvement projects.

Limestone rocks delivery

We are happy to sell and deliver locally produced natural limestone rocks in Barrie and around it. These limestone rocks vary in their hues and sizes. We deliver the rocks gently and as close to the job place as possible with our delivery equiupment.

Check the Delivery page of this website for our delivery conditions. Scroll the page down to the bottom to see the truck ride costs to different locations.

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Updated on July 19, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.