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Armor stone steps

Natural quartzite rock steps for landscaping

Armor stone steps (of irregular shape) bring a spirit of natural rock landscape to the area. Each step is a slab of natural quartzite left as it is at the front and side edges. Such steps are sometimes called "random stone steps."

The dimensions of these steps vary. The longest one we have now is 88 inches long.

What is special about our armor stone steps?

  • unique beauty: weathered rock exposed
  • a choice of sizes and shapes
  • the back edge is cut to fit an even wall surface
  • extremally strong stone: quartzite

Their shape is not rectangular, unlike most of the steps. Everyone is different. If you like nature in your garden, you will lake them.

In the picture below: weathered quartzite surface at the right end of the step.

Some of the steps big enough to make a landing at your staircase. Even with irregular shapes, they can fit a flat surface with their backsides, as the backsides are sawn.

These stone features make you imagine how the intense heat and pressure of metamorphic processes on the Earth melted quartz grains of sandstone and packed them together, creating strong and dense quartzite. For many years since that, the elements were creating inimitably beautiful outcrop surfaces.

Slab stone steps prices and size

The prices are variable depending on the sizes and uniqueness. The posted price is for one of the 7 to 8-foot long quartzite steps (the length is irregular.)

Our armor stone steps of natural quartzite are about 4 to 8 ft long. A 4' long step costs around $450+tax, 5' long (2' wide) step $580+tax, 8' long one - $870+tax. The price also depends on how wide a step is. Check our stone step product category for more prices. You can even buy some of the steps online.

For example, the above step (with a measuring tape on top) costs $870+tax. It is 21" to 37" wide - the width is irregular. 7 to 8 feet long. Its weight is 1,756lbs. The thickness of the slab is about 7 inches. Material: natural quartzite.

88" long step is the longest one we currently carry.

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updated on Oct 27, 2021

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.