• $0.25/ Pound

Sawn back armor stone

Create your rustic hardscape with sawn back armor stone

This stone's back side is sawn making its bed depth (width) smaller than usual; that means the piece is lighter than regular. The right angle at the back side makes such armor stone nicely stackable. At the same time, the face surface has has wild, rustic texture due to natural limestone fracture.

Characteristics and price

Sawn back armor stone is available in 8"-10" and 10" - 12" thickness. 8"-10" sawn back armor stones are about 3' to 4' long each, and the average cost of a stone is about $100+tax. Come and pick your favorite color (from grey to rusty red to chocolate brown) and size in our Rock and Gravel Boutique at 44 Hart Drive in Barrie.

NOTE: This product can not be delivered prior to your visiting the garden center to make your personal selection

  •  Natural Stone for Retaining Walls


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