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Pea Stone

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Add landscape fabric or grass seed to your order

If you include small items (like landscape fabrics, grass seed, or grass pavers) in your order of loose product(s) that we deliver by truck, then the small items will be delivered to you by the same truck with no extra cost for delivery. You can order such mixed delivery online or by phone.

We carry landscape and filter fabrics for different needs, like weed barrier, underlay, filtration material, etc. If you underlay landscape fabric under decorative rocks, you will not have to fight weeds that sooner or later grow between the stones. Just do it once and do it right!

Write me to open the possibility to add grass seed to your loose product online order.

What is pea stone?

Pea stone consists of small pebbles that are approximately pea-size (up to 3/8 inch or 9.5 mm). They are smooth like river rocks but much smaller.

Some people call "pea stone or "pea gravel," an aggregate of crushed clear stone (usually granite but could be limestone) with the particles of pea-size. We also have such aggregate and call it HPB (High-Performance Bedding).

Pea stone usage

Pea stone size, smoothness, and attractive look make it widely used for different purposes. A few examples of the application:

  • decorative and functional ground cover
  • drainage material, especially if it is visible
  • pad layer under heavy objects, like hot tubs

Dog-friendly gravel

Some people use pea stone as a ground cover for dogs run. Pea stones are smooth and small, so they are tender to the animal paws. Such a ground cover also looks nice and drains quickly.

Tips for using pea stone as a ground cover:

  • put landscaping fabric under it to prevent weed growth
  • install edging or wall that will keep pea stone on the place
  • introduce other decorative or functional elements: flagstone/ other paving materials, accent rocks, plant containers, garden furniture or water features

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