• $850.00/ Skid

Mini armour stone, 6 inch high

DIY-er friendly stones

As mini armor stone pieces are easier to handle manually than regular armor stone pieces, they are great for DIY landscaping projects, like making retaining walls, raised beds, fire pits, and other features.

These stones are well-stackable due to the flat tops & bottoms and uniform heights. You can make a nice decorative wall of this stone, but if you lay the wall one stone-thick, the wall will not be heavy enough to retain much soil. You need a heavier wall to retains much soil.

A decorative wall is not required to be too heavy, just heavy enough to be stable on its own.

In the picture below: 6-inch height and the texture of mini armour stones in our stone yard in Barrie. The colour of this material may vary from yellowish-brown to reddish-brown to grey-brown. The striped pattern reflects the natural process of limestone sedimentation that happened millions of years ago.

Each armour stone's weight and size

On average, the stones are 1 - 1.5 foot long, 0.5 ft wide, and about 6 inches high. On average, the weight of one rock is 76 lb (can be more or less). All the pieces of this natural stone material are of various sizes, and it is hard to estimate the price for a linear foot. Approximately a skid of mini armour stone makes up to (very roughly!) 84 linear feet.

You can make a thinner but longer wall if the pieces are smaller. Every skid is unique, but the heights of the stones in a skid are pretty uniform, which makes wall-building easier. All the above estimations are extremely approximate. Come with your measuring tape, pick your skid, and you will be able to evaluate how many linear feet are in it. The beauty of the natural stone is in the uniqueness of every rock. They are not all similar, like concrete blocks, so the linear footage cannot be easily calculated.

Mini armour stone prices and conditions of sale

We sell this small armour stone per skid only. The price is $850+tax a skid (that weighs about 2.25 to 2.5 tons). You can pick up the purchased stone yourself from our yard at 44 Hart Drive in Barrie. For an extra charge, we deliver your armour stone to the place where you need it. Please, refer to our Delivery page to check a truck ride cost to your destination (scroll the page to the very bottom) and other details. Our truck can carry 3-4 skids of mini armour stone or 3 skids of other kinds of armour stone.

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Last updated on Oct. 16, 2022

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