• $275.00/ bag


This mix is available in 2kg, 10lb, 25 lb (11.3 kg) and 55lb (25kg) bags.


  • Self-repairing technology fills in bare spots naturally
  • Water Senseā„¢ coated seed improves speed of establishment and saves water
  • Very fast establishment
  • 100% Certified and 99.9% weed-free seed
  • Yellow coated seed for even distribution while planting
  • Endophyte-enhanced
  • A 55-lb bag is enough to seed up to 13,000 square feet of a new lawn.

Make your lawn shine

Deluxe Overseeding is an excellent choice for inter-seeding turf to make your lawn thicker. Its wear tolerance and ability to recover thin and damaged turf are great.
This well-known mix is used for golf, sports, recreational, and residential lawns where elite perennial ryegrass quality is required, but an increase in traffic tolerance and wear recovery are warranted. The content of regenerating perennial ryegrass provides quick recovery of a lawn.

Fast germinating and quick to establish, Deluxe Overseeding can also be over-seeded into traditional cool-season turf lawns, such as mixes with Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and traditional perennial ryegrass.

Urine resistant grass

This grass is not only resistant to high traffic. Due to its self-regenerative ability, It is more tolerant to dog urine than ordinary lawn grasses. Sow it if you want to share your lawn with your pet. Of course, if a dog urinates at the same place all the time, it is hard to avoid brown spots.

To ameliorate the urine action, dilute the urine by watering the grass after the dog pees. The acid responsible for the dog urine damaging the grass will become less concentrated, so less harmful.

Damaged lawn spots self-repair due to strong spreading ability of Deluxe Overseeding.

Buy Deluxe Overseeding with triple mix. We deliver all by truck

If you are in the city of Barrie or close, you can pick up your seed during our office hours in our yard at 44 Hart Drive in Barrie. Check this website's Contact page for the hours before coming.

If ordering together with other loose products, like topsoil and/or triple mix, you can buy any grass seed, including Deluxe Overseedin, with no extra cost for the seed delivery.

Write me to open the possibility of adding grass seed to your online order of loose product(s).

When is the best time to sow grass seed in Barrie?

The best time to sow perennial grasses in Barrie and the area is September and October. This way, you imitate the natural process of grass reproduction. The grass has enough time to produce and establish turf to winterize. It starts growing early in spring when the soil is still moist. Using the established deep roots, the grass continues growing well in summer.

Some people sow the grasses right before the snowfall. The seed lays dry in the frozen soil and then germinates in spring when there is lots of water in the soil. It may work.

Spring and summer sowing also works well, but the soil dries up quickly in our area, so you will have to keep it moist until the turf is established (6 weeks minimum or so, depending on your conditions.)

You can try to sow the seed in November. They might germinate if the weather is not too cold, but the chances are the grass will not get established, or the swollen seeds will even die without proper conditions to germinate and establish the roots.

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