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Quick Catch LS, grass seed 10lb

50-lb, 25-lb, and 10-lb, bags are available.

Perennial ryegrass seed for sale

Quick Catch LS is a universal grass seed mix, and it is good for establishing a new lawn as well as patching up spots or overseeding. The seeds easily germinate and the shots vigorously grow and prevent erosion due to creating hard-wearing turf with the ability to regenerate after damage.

Composition of Quick Catch LS

  • 33% Slider LS™ Perennial Ryegrass
  • 33% Torsion LS™ Perennial Ryegrass
  • 34% Grand Slam GLD Perennial Ryegrass

Dog urine resistant grass

There is no grass fully resistant to dog urine. Nevertheless, being 100% perennial Ryegrass mix, Quick Catch LS™ is more tolerant to dog urine than other lawn mixes:

  • due to the natural tolerance of Perennial Ryegrass to urine compared to other lewn grasses
  • due to the enormous spreading ability of LS Perennial ryegrass varieties (66% of the mix)

Sow Quick Catch LS if you want to share your lawn with your pet. Of course, if a dog urinates at the same place all the time, it is hard to avoid brown spots.

To ameliorate the urine action, dilute the urine by watering the grass after the dog pees. Training your dog to drink more makes the urine less concentrated. It is better both for dogs and the grass.

The quick-spreading ability of this mix will help to cover the bare spots in the turf caused both by urine and dog foot traffic.

What else is special about Quick Catch LS

1) This potent mix contains 66% of LS perennial ryegrass. So high LS Perennial Ryegrass content makes this mix a champion in spreading ability and resistance to foot traffic. If you want your lawn to thicken the quickest, use this seed mix.

2) Quick Catch LS is resistant to gray leaf spot, a nasty fungal disease: brown spots that appear during the warmer months of August and September.

3) Quick Catch LS mix is more drought-tolerant than other Perennial Ryegrass mixes.

4) Quick Catch LS mix consists of pure Perennial Ryegrass loved for its exceptional beauty. Canadian climate can be challenging for ordinary Perennial Ryegrasses due to cold winters and summer droughts, but these specific varieties help to withstand the challenges.

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