• $850.00/ Skid

Armor stone, 10 and 12 inch high

This mixed-sizes product is not available right now. Check our other armour stone products.

Each skid contains 10' high armor stone as well as 12" high ones. Rough-hewn pieces of 10" and 12" armor stone vary in size and shape, making each one unique. Due to the natural limestone cleavage, a retaining wall or other landscaping structure of this stone looks gorgeously rustic.

While the shapes of these stones are naturally irregular, the 10" and 12" heights are pretty uniform among most of the pieces, making them well-stackable. Big pieces' length can reach 40", but there are also smaller ones. They are heavy and cannot be handled manually.

The price for a skid of 10" and 12" high armor stone is $850+tax a skid: more than 2 tons of stone per skid. We sell it per skid only; no single rocks are available for sale.

10" and 12" high armor stone delivery

We deliver this popular material up to 200 km from Barrie with our 8-ton truck. The delivery costs (per truck ride) to different destinations are listed on the bottom of the Delivery page of this website. Our portable crane allows unloading stones very gently and close to the job site.

In the picture: a skid of 10" and 12" high armor stone in our yard in Barrie. You can buy a skid online on this page or pick it out and buy a similar skid n the yard.

People ask: On average, how many linear feet are there per skid of this armor stone?

The answer: It is hard to estimate as the stone is random in length and width, and you can put it in various ways. You can come, look at the stone, pick a skid you like, and you will be able to estimate the footage of this specific skid roughly.

It is easy to estimate the footage of a skid of rectangular-shaped stone, but not of a randomly shaped one.

We have armor stone of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Last updated: April 1, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

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