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Limestone substrates for African Cichlids

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Our stone yard in Barrie carries natural river rocks of 5 sizes, from pea-size to large ones. They are mainly of limestone, but there are also granite ones among them. You can combine river rocks of various sizes to match your aquarium size while creating your underwater landscape.

Finer substrate (in the picture) is a washed limestone aggregate 3 to 5 mm size particle size.

African Cichlid substrates need to add buffers to the water to keep the pH at a high level (alkaline). The water for African Cichlids need to be of high General Hardness too. Their natural habitats waters in Africa is rich in limestone. Cichlids love to dig through the substrate.That's why fine grained limestone substrate is a great choice for the cichlids.

We sell natural stone pebbles and aggregates as they are. We don't create installations, neither we treat the natural materials in any way. You have to do it yourself if necessary. Use the rocks and aggregates you buy from us for your fish tank at your own risk.

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