• $0.15/ Pound

Rock-face Sawn Limestone Blocks, 12 inch square

Having constant width and being narrower than usual armor stone, these blocks is a perfect wall-making material. Each stone has a random length of 3 to 4 feet and weights 500 - 600 lb on average. Massive blocks, better use a machine to handle them.

They are five-side sawn square blocks with only one rock-face side which can be used as a decorative one, while the rest of the sides, with their smooth surfaces and uniform dimensions, ensure tight fitting and easy leveling.

The material of the blocks, Wiarton limestone, is of very high quality: dense and fine-textured, it can be used for carving ornamental pieces or sculptures. It is famous far away from the place it is extracted and is exported abroad.

For your estimation purposes, you can use the average cost per stone: $19 apiece.

NOTE: This product can not be delivered prior to your visiting the garden center to make your personal selection

  •  Natural Stone for Retaining Walls

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