• $650.00/ Skid

12x12-inch saw-cut Limestone Blocks

Tight-fitting and easy-levelling natural stone

Some of the saw-cut limestone blocks are five-side sawn with only one rock-face side which can be used as a decorative one, while the rest of the sides, with their smooth surfaces and uniform dimensions, ensure tight-fitting and easy levelling.

There are also some skids with four-side sawn with two rock-face sides or all-sawn sides.

Having constant width and being narrower than usual armor stone, these blocks are a perfect wall-making material. Each stone has a random length of 3 to 4 feet and weighs 500 - 600 lb on average. Massive blocks, better use a machine to handle them.

The blocks are made of high-quality limestone: dense and fine-textured. It is famous far away from the place it is extracted.

There are 6 stones on a skid. We sell this material per skid only.

6"x12" limestone blocks of the same material

Still available as well at the same price per skid. There are 12 stones on a skid. We sell this material per skid only.

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Last updated on Nov. 19, 2022

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  •  Stone for Retaining Walls