• $800.00/ Skid

Guillotined armour stone, 12, 13, & 14-inch high

Retaining wall stones

We call these long stones "the fingers." You can pick up the blocks in our yard in Barrie or order the delivery over the phone. Delivery is extra.

Need a single stone? No problem. We sell them per piece, only please do not ask us to get a block you like from the very bottom of a skid. Take it from the upper layer of the skid intended for selling per piece. The price depends on the block's weight.

There are usually 4 - 6 pieces on a skid. On average, a skid of these limestone blocks weighs 2 tons or more and costs $800+tax to pick up in Barrie. On average, a skid contains 17 linear feet of rock. This limestone material needs powered equipment to handle, as the average stone weighs around 1.000 lbs.

12"+ bed depth (width) of the blocks makes them heavy and stable. They usually are used for wall-building without mortar.

Limestone colour may vary naturally due to the variation of naturally present small quantities of different mineral salts.

In the picture below, you can see the limestone blocks' grey colour variations: yellowish, greenish, brownish, and simple grey.

Stone for garden walls and other garden structures

These armour stones are guillotine cut and well stackable, so you can use them for garden walls, retaining walls, and even edging, large fire pits, plant-growing terraces, and others. Whatever you build of them will have a very man-made look.

Apart from these guillotined armour stones, we carry many other stone products for landscaping.

Armour stone delivery

We gently unload the delivered stone on site and try to take it as close to the job site as possible with our mini crane and truck. The truck is about 10 feet wide and 20' long.

We charge extra for delivery depending on how far away you are from Barrie. Check delivery prices to the most frequent delivery locations on this website's Delivery page (scroll down to see the prices). If your location is not there, contact us to find out if we deliver to your location and how much we charge for it.

The Delivery page contains more info about our yard pickup and delivery policies & benefits, like delivery of two and more products in one truckload, our truck capacities, our gentle and close-to-job place unloading process, and much more. Read it, and you may not need to call our busy phone line or wait for your email back from me.

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Last updated on August 3, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

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