• $25.00/ Unit

Granite Boulders

The price for each granite boulder is individual

The price, indicated under the boulders image is average. We appoint the price for each boulder according to its size and uniqueness.


Centrepiece stones, headstones, address stones, dog pee stones, and more. You can build a retaining wall of these boulders too.

Properties of Granite

Granite is much heavier and stronger than limestone. Granite does not influence the soil acidity. It comes in many natural hues and colors: pink, grey, greenish, black, etc.

Why field stones are round?

12,000 years ago, advancing glaciers pushed billions of tons of soil and rocks before them along thousands of miles. Since then, many big and small granite boulders, rounded and polished by the glacier, can be found in many places.

Geoscientists can study the path of prehistoric glaciers while investigating the field stones. It is cute to have them in your garden, they have been the mute witnesses of bygone ages.

NOTE: This product can not be delivered prior to your visiting the garden center to make your personal selection

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