• $550.00/ Unit

Armour Stone, 14 inch high

Characteristics of 14" armor stone

$550/skid is the price. In average, there are 10 pieces of this armor stone in a skid with the average length of about 2.5'. Each stone is about 14 inches high; the length is random. The average cost of one stone is about $60+tax. On average, one armor stone weights 500-600 lb.The material to build each foot of a wall that is 14" tall will cost approximately $25 plus tax. This cost is estimated to help roughly calculate your spending on the material.

Armor stone retaining wall cost

How to calculate the cost of a retaining wall as a DIY project? You need to approximately calculate the cost of the armor stone first. Let us presume you need to build 10 feet long and 28" (2'4") high retaining wall. Every foot of this material costs about $25. Ten feet long wall of this material will cost $25x10= $250 (+tax). As long as the stones are 14" high, you need 2 layers of them to build a wall that is 28" high, so the cost is doubled: 250x2= $500 (+tax). Depending on your conditions, you may need other materials, like drainage stone or filtration fabric. You need to estimate how much of them is required and add to the cost. To calculate the cost of a retaining wall made of another wall stone, you need to know the approximate price of this stone per foot.

Usage of the armor stone for building walls

Due to the uniform heights of the stones (about 14 inch), the material is recommended for building walls. The stones are heavy enough (500-600 lb each) to make a heavy duty and durable retaining wall, if built properly.

When building a retaining wall, make sure that the filling material behind it drains easily, otherwise heavy wet back-fill will add pressure on the wall leading to the wall fail. To protect drainage stone behind retaining wall from clogging it is recommended to cover the drainage stone layer with filtration fabric. Without filter protection, fine-textured soils will gradually accumulate between the pieces of drainage stone, and the drainage for the retaining wall fails. In the case of considerable water flow, use perforated drainage pipe wrapped into filter fabric

Other usage of the armor stone

The large blocks of rock-faced limestone can be used in rock gardens, raised beds or as accent stones in hardscape. This product is non-expensive and simple. Other kinds of armor stone are also available in our stone yard.

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