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Stone slab for outdoor step, 68-inch long

This step is NOT exactly rectangular, as it is a natural slab of stone (quartzite.) It features stone outcrop edges (see the picture below) nd a unique pattern of quartzite. We have only one such step, but we have more quartzite random steps of other sizes.

Stone slab dimensions and weight

This quartzite step slab is 40 inches (3.3 ft) deep (wide). The length is 68 inches, the rise is 7 inches. Rock-face front, back, and sides reveal the texture of naturally weathered stone. A great choice for outdoor usage!

It weighs 1980 lbs.

Stone step for sale

You can buy this stone slab step online or offline. We can deliver it to your location or pick it up from our yard in Barrie. We load steps and other products on your truck.

To find out delivery costs to different places, check the "delivery" page on this website. Scroll the page down to the very bottom to see the list of towns and villages in our service area. If your delivery place is not listed there, and you are interested in delivering this step to your place, please, email me: manager@rocksandgravel.ca.

We deliver stone very carefully and try to unload it as close to the job site as possible with our 10'x20' ft truck capable of carrying 3 or 4 skids of stone. We do not install steps; we only sell them.

How to buy this natural stone step online?

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1. Click "add to cart."

2. Click the black cart pictogram (at the top right of the page), fill out your delivery info and check out.

Steps pickup from our yard

Please, help avoid more than five persons in the yard at a time: stay in the yard only the necessary time.

With product-related questions, call us at (705)-728-5448 or email manager@rocksandgravel.ca.

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Last updated on Sep 21, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.