• $550.00/ Step

4-ft long stone step of granite

Granite step characteristics

The step is 46-in long, 20-in wide.

These outdoor steps are made of granite, one of the hardest natural materials used for these purposes. That's why these steps can be used in places with intensive foot traffic.

A great choice for outdoor usage and landscaping.

Steps in landscape

Is your yard flat? The larger the area, the more likely there are slopes. Do not hurry to level the soil. The slopes may add charm and even extra functionality to your landscape, while a flat area looks plain and boring. Connecting the paths in your yard by steps and stairs may turn the apparent defect into an undoubted advantage.

Steps of natural stone look gorgeous at the entrance door.

We do not install steps; we only sell them.

Stone steps for sale

You can pick up a 4-ft step in our stone yard in Barrie. Delivery is available in Barrie and the area for an extra charge.

For your information, many delivery destinations' costs are listed at the very bottom of the Delivery page of this website. These costs refer to a truck ride. The truck can carry 8 tons of stone.

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Last updated: Sept 21, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.