• $300.00/ Stone

Granite flagstone, a pattern of pink and grey

A set of pavers or step treads of glacial granite

With natural stone edges, the pavers also have a straight edge to fit to a wall if necessary.

Currently, we have 6 tiles made of the same granite boulder. With a unique pink and grey natural pattern, they are from 40 to 60-inch long. The total area of the whole set is about 68 square feet.

Buy the whole set for $1800+tax or individual tiles, $300+tax a tile.

In the picture below: unique 2-inch thick granite tiles in our stone yard in Barrie.

Flagstone price

Flagstone price depends on the flagstone's thickness and the material. Granite flagstone is much more expensive than limestone one, for example.

Thinner flagstone is more expensive per skid, if the material and the processing are the same. The reason for the price difference is you can cover a larger area with a skid of thinner flagstone than with a skid of thicker one:

How thick is flagstone? Can be from less than an inch thick to 3 and more inches thick. A patio's most popular flagstone thickness is from 1 to 2 inches. If made of limestone, thinner than 1-inch limestone flagstone is not strong enough , while thicker than 2-3 inches is hard to cut, too heavy to handle, and much more expensive per square foot.

Granite is a stronger material, so even less than an inch-hick is strong.

Stone patio, tips to install

Are you going to install an eco-friendly flagstone patio?

For better drainage and a more even patio surface:

  • take a layer of the soil out from the place; this and the next points are more important if the place is wet and the flagstone is thin
  • for weed control, put landscape fabric before installing a compacted layer of gravel or limestone screenings on the place
  • install a levelled layer of sand as bedding for flagstone.

If the patio is large, you might need a Bob-cat to carry the materials in and the soil out of place. After installing flagstone, fill the joints with sand. Alternatively, if you want ground cover plants to grow in the joints, fill the joints with the mix of sand and triple mix. Saw the plants in the joints at some distance from each other; they will cover all the joints with the time.

Below, watch the best video about installing natural stone patio:

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.

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