• $0.50/ Pound

Random quartzite flagstone 1 to 1 3/8 inch thick

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We are running low on this product. Try limestone buff flagstone instead.

Flagstone prices

Brown bronze flagstone 1" to 1 and 3/8" thick costs $0.5+tax a pound.Properties and usage of flagstone

Quartzite is stronger than limestone. It is a natural paving and decorative material. Usage: for walkways, patios, fire pits, waterfalls and many other applications.

Stone patio, tips to install

Are you going to install an eco-friendly flagstone patio?

For better drainage and more even patio surface:

  • take a layer of the soil out from the place; this and the next points are more important if the place is wet and the flagstone is thin
  • for weed control, put landscape fabric before installing a compacted layer of gravel or limestone screenings on the place
  • install a leveled layer of sand as bedding for flagstone.

You might need a Bob-cat to carry the materials in and the soil out of place, if the patio is large. After installing flagstone, fill the joints with sand or polymeric sand. Alternatively, if you want ground cover plants to grow in the joints, fill the joints with the mix of sand and triple mix. Saw the plants in the joints at some distance from each other; they will cover all the joints with the time.

Below, watch the best video about installing natural stone patio:

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  •  Natural Stone for Patios and Walkways