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Triple mix

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Disclaimer: This calculation tool is for general use only and provides only an approximate estimate of product requirements. Ferndale Gardens makes no claims as to the accuracy of the calculation below and recommends its use at your own risk and satisfy yourself of the product quantity to purchase.

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Small items (like bags of seed, rolls of landscape or filter cloth, ground grids) can be put in the truck with triple mix and delivered at no extra cost if the space is available in your truck shipment. To deliver non-bulk products separately from bulk products we require separate payment for delivery, and can do it by truck, car, or postal service depending on the feasibility. Please, contact us to discuss possible options.

We carry a variety of grass seed mixes for different needs in the Canadian climate. We, Rock and Gravel Boutique Ferndale Gardens are an Authorised Retailer of Number One seed manufacturer in Canada. This manufacturer is the only one in Canada that uses LS (Lateral Spread) grass, a blend of elite grass varieties bred specifically to excel under the intense wear. LS grass is so unique it's been awarded a patent! Most of the mixes we sell contain tough LS grasses. They are not only able to withstand wear! They also can self-repair those heavy traffic areas.

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The material calculator at the top of the page will help you to find out the quantity of triple mix you need. Just enter length and width of the area in feet and the layer depth in inches. Then press "Calculate." On this website, you can buy online 0.5 cubic yards or more of a bulk material, including triple mix. If you wish to deliver it yourself to your garden, then pick it up it in our yard with your open-box pickup truck or trailer.

Triple mix composition and usage

Our triple mix contains 1/3 topsoil, 1/2 compost, and 1/3 combination of horse and chicken manure. It means in our triple mix, natural topsoil is fortified with natural components improving its fertility, water-retaining capacity, and air permeability.

Use it for lawns, flower beds, fruit and vegetable gardens, or when replanting seedlings. The triple mix is NOT intended for potting.

Concerning the suitability of the triple mix for vegetables, you have to check it for each crop you are going to grow. Some plants thrive on manure-containing soils (like onions), and others (like blueberries) do not tolerate even small amounts of manure. Most are somewhere in between. I think for manure-sensitive plants, it is safer to use triple mix in the fall time, as till spring, a significant part of the manure can decompose.

I would say, if you are not sure about how good manure is for a particular plant, then use topsoil and add to it everything the specific plant requires. If you don't know what the plant needs, then add a little bit (better less than more) of universal mineral fertilizer or even add nothing, as our topsoil is pretty fertile.

Concerning the source of our topsoil, it comes from different places: for example, when excavating for construction, they take the upper black soil layer off. This soil is screened and used as garden soil or for making triple mix. The soil can also come from a farm. It is hard to know where specific lot of soil comes from. If you are not sure if our topsoil is good for growing your food, you can gradually create your healthy fertile soil by using food and yard waste to make compost to use as an organic fertilizer, and also by growing green manure and cover crops.

So far, nobody complaint to our topsoil.

Are there any weed seeds in Triple mix?

Triple mix contains natural soil, so it may contain weed seeds. It is possible to kill weed seeds by high temperature in natural soil, but this way you also kill soil microbial flora that plays a crucial role in natural soil fertility self-regulation; such soil turns into a mechanical mixture of dead components. It is not a living thing anymore. You still are able to grow plants in it, but such soil will need more care from you. Another way to kill weeds: using herbicides leads to the environment pollution and even poisoning insects, humans, and animals. For a private lot, weeding and mulching are more preferable. Also, consider planting your cultural plants a little denser, so the weeds don't have space to grow.

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