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Black Mulch

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Our black cedar mulch

Our quality mulch looks and smells great! It also works great. We get it from a distant place, but it is worth every kilometre of the long transportation.

Our mulch is chunky: it is exactly of the size that is good to cover the soil but not being taken by the wind. It is not too chunky, though.

Mulch pros and cons

Quality mulch keeps water in the soil, prevents weed growth and reduces soil compaction. Most of the weeds are suppressed by a 3" layer of mulch.

Nevertheless, some persistent perennial weeds can grow through the mulch in the areas that stay unattended for a long time. In this case, landscape fabric under the mulch will help.

Using mulch is environmentally clean: you don't use chemicals to remove the weeds in your garden or flower bed.

Black mulch delivery: up to 10 cubic yards per truck ride

Delivery is extra!

If you need less than 8 cubic yards, you can order mulch delivery online on this website. For detailed instructions on ordering and paying online, visit the FAQ page of this website and click "How to order and pay 24/7 online on this website?"

If you need 9 or 10 cubic yards of mulch to deliver in one truckload (to avoid overpayment for delivery), order it by phone. We deliver mulch with our medium-size truck that can carry up to 10 cubic yards (only of mulch, not any other of our loose products) in one load.

Our website can sell only 8 cubic yards or less of a loose product per truckload.

In winter, we switch off the online sale feature as the delivery possibility is weather-dependent.

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NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.