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Large River Stone

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Disclaimer: This calculation tool is for general use only and provides only an approximate estimate of product requirements. Ferndale Gardens makes no claims as to the accuracy of the calculation below and recommends its use at your own risk and satisfy yourself of the product quantity to purchase.

Types of river rocks for landscaping

In landscaping, the main river rock characteristics are river rock sizes. We carry 4 sizes of river rocks that range from 5-8 inch size to 1" pebbles. Little pebbles of pea-size (known as "pea stone" or "pea gravel") are also a kind of river stone, so we have 5 sizes then. You can buy any size of river rock online on this website or offline in our yard.

Another important characteristic is their colors and patterns. Granite river rocks are more colorful with their different red, greenish, black, and grey hues. Limestone river rocks colors are usually various shades of grey.

River rock sale: by the ton or cubic yard

Typical usage of river stone in landscaping is filling up spaces to look attractive, so the volume is more important than weight here. That's why we sell river rocks by the cubic yard rather the by the ton.

For your estimation, you can recalculate cubic yards of river stone to tons: multiply their volume in cubic yards by 1.1, as each cubic yard of river rocks weighs approximately 1.1 tons.

Bulk river rocks delivery in Barrie and area

We deliver your river rocks with a dump truck about 10 feet wide and 20' long. It holds up to 8 cubic yards of river rocks. We can deliver river rocks of two different sizes in one load and dump them in two different piles. However, the quantity should not exceed 3 cubic yards of one product and 5 cubic yards of the other one if the two products are delivered in one truckload.

3 and more bulk products are not possible in one load. So you have to order extra delivery or deliveries and pay accordingly.

Non-bulk products (like grass seed, landscape or filter cloth, permeable pavers) can be put in the truck with the river rocks and delivered at no extra cost if the space is available in your truck shipment. To deliver non-bulk products separately from bulk products, we require separate payment for delivery

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