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Small River Stone

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It means, you can buy it online. If you need more 0.5 cubic yards or more of river stone, buy it online on this website by writing in the white box how many yards you want, and pressing Add to Cart button. For more detailed instructions on how to purchase online here, go to FAQ page, scroll down and click on "How to order and pay 24/7 online on this website."

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Delivery is extra

The posted price is for the river rock only. We deliver in Barrie and the area. Please, check the truck ride cost to your location on the Delivery page of this website. The maximum truck capacity is 8 cubic yards. We can deliver 2 different loose products in one truckload without mixing them. Some limitations apply, check the Delivery page.

Add landscape fabric or grass seed to your order

If you include small items (like landscape fabrics, grass seed, or grass pavers) in your large volume (bulk) order that we deliver by truck, then the small items will be delivered to you by the same truck with no extra cost for delivery. You can order such mixed delivery online or by phone.

We carry landscape and filter fabrics for different needs, like for weed barriers, underlay, filtration material, etc. If you underlay landscape fabric under decorative rocks, you will not have to fight weeds that sooner or later grow between the stones. Just do it once and do it right!

Characteristics of small river stone

This colorful river stone contains approximately 75% of granite river rocks and 25 % of limestone river rocks. It is very uniform in particle size: 1-1.5 inches. You can grab a few pebbles with your hand. These pebbles are excellent for ground cover in flower beds, ponds, water features, dry stream beds and other decorative applications. Some people use them just for drainage in window wells, other create their sophisticated aquascapes (underwater landscapes) in aquariums.

River rocks for painting

Talented people create real pieces of art of these simple stones. For example, one of our customers, Chris Keffler, painted the river rocks she bought from us and kindly sent us the picture (see below), so we can share it with you now. These painted stones are called Mandala Rocks.

We sell our premium river rock in bulk which makes it affordable to Barrie and area homeowners and landscapers.

Need bigger or smaller landscaping pebbles?

There are four sizes of river rock in our yard: small, medium, large and extra-large. We also have pea stone with pea-size particles.

Use them separately, combine with each other or with other materials to create your unique landscape.

River stone is a beautiful material with many applications: from lining soil at a water flow area to creating pieces of art. It is easy to work and nice to play with river rocks due to their smoothness and variety of sizes and colours.

When using river stone as a ground cover:

  • put landscaping fabric under it to prevent weed growth
  • install edging or wall that will keep river stone on the spot
  • introduce other decorative or functional elements: flagstone/ other paving materials, accent rocks, plant containers, garden furniture or water features.

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Last updated on Apr. 28, 2022

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