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Geotextile road fabric, 15'x300'

Woven stabilization fabric

For separation and reinforcement under driveways and streets, parking, storage and staging areas, industrial yards, roadways, paving blocks, logging roads, and access/haul roads

Woven of polypropylene fibres that form a stable and durable network, capable of retaining its shape, this fabric is also non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals.

When to use road fabric?

When the soil is soft (sandy, swampy, highly compressible), geotextile can be placed over the soil, followed by a compacted gravel layer. The geotextile role here is to reinforce the road and separate the soil from gravel to prevent the gravel from sinking into the soil. As a result, you require a one-third smaller layer of gravel (for certain conditions) and rutting is considerably decreased. Without the fabric, tons and tons of gravel would sink in the subgrade, and the road would still not be strong enough: potholes and ruts would be inevitable. Geotextile might be vital for building roads in places that are hard to reach by truck to carry loads of gravel.

In many cases, it is possible and makes sense to remove the soil's weak upper layer to reach a stronger layer in depth. Compact it and place the road fabric on it with compacted gravel on top. You can use the removed soil for growing plants.

When stabilized with geotextiles, roads, driveways, and parking lots serve longer and require less maintenance.

How to install road geotextile

You can rent a Bobcat for groundwork and install geotextile for a small project; a large project will require hiring specialists with heavier equipment.

After preparing the subgrade, lay the fabric over it. Make sure the fabric is free of wrinkles. Pin it down quickly, especially if it is windy, to prevent the fabric's displacement - until covered.

Overlap a minimum of 18 inches if more than one fabric width is required. Carefully dump and push material out over the fabric to prevent the fabric damage.

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Updated on May 19, 2022

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