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Concrete sand

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Coarse sand

This sand is used for concrete mixes. It is coarse, angular, and contains stone particles about 1/8-inch in size.

Concrete sand (often called "bedding sand") consists of rock particles that range from fines up to pea-size stones. These angular sand particles can interlock and create traction. That's why concrete sand is used as bedding material for paving stones, slabs, and pipe installation.

Concrete sand is also used as traction and anti-slippery sand on driving and walking surfaces. It is more environmentally friendly than using salt.

Bedding for flagstone

Coarse sand (as well as limestone screenings) can be used as bedding material for laying flagstone. Laying flagstone patios or pathways in sand or limestone screenings rather than in mortar or concrete is called dry-set. Dry-set is easier in do-it-yourself projects because you do not need to lay a concrete slab foundation to prevent cracking in the mortar. For a dry-set stone patio to last longer, a few inches of compacted gravel is required as a foundation on which a layer of limestone screenings or sand is installed to immerse flagstones.

Laying stone and concrete pavers without base

If your soil is tight enough, you can make a flagstone patio or concrete block walkway using concrete sand as a bedding material with no base. This sand is easy to shovel and install into an up to 3.5-inch layer, which turns into less than a 3-inch one after compaction.

Being coarse without fines, concrete sand does not retain excess moisture under the pavers. The water drains after the rain leaving no puddles on the pavers.

When installing a patio, remember to compact the soil under the sand and contain the sand with edging material. Such a patio is good for walking only. You cannot drive over it.

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Last updated on Sept. 2, 2022

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