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Mason sand

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Natural screened fine-grained sand

Our masonry sand is natural. It is extracted from a natural sand deposit and screen to remove the stones. Smooth and fine-textured, it is pleasant to touch and easy to work with.

A cubic yard of the sand weighs more than a ton (around 1.2 tons). We sell coarse-grained concrete sand too.

Uses of fine-grained sand

People have been using fine-grained sand for thousands of years for hundreds of purposes. Being environmentally clean and safe, it is an outdoor joy for children and helps adults in many DIY projects:

  • using under swimming pools
  • covering beach area
  • making mortar mix for filling seams between paving stones
  • making smooth mortar mix for masonry
  • making plastering mix, especially for indoor projects
  • as a component of soil mix for growing plants, etc.

Buy sand online!

If you need half a cubic yard of sand or more, buy it online on this website, just type the number of yards in the white box and click "Add to cart" to start. For complete instructions on ordering products and paying online, visit our FAQ page and click on "How to order and pay 24/7 online on this website?" We deliver in Barrie and the area.

In winter, we switch off the online sale feature as the delivery possibility is weather dependent.

Pick up sand from our yard

If you prefer self-pick-up, we load 0.5 cubic yards of sand or more to your pickup truck or trailer with an open box.

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Last updated on May 30, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.