• $30.00/ Cubic Yard

A Gravel (Granular A) or sand pickup

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Disclaimer: This calculation tool is for general use only and provides only an approximate estimate of product requirements. Ferndale Gardens makes no claims as to the accuracy of the calculation below and recommends its use at your own risk and satisfy yourself of the product quantity to purchase.

Safely pickup 0.5 cubic yards or more of Granular A or sand

Just come with your open pick-up truck or trailer. We will load the gravel or sand by our loader to your vehicle contact-free. BLUE BIN PICK-UP IS UNAVAILABLE.

Please, help us to avoid more than five persons in the yard at a time and keep everybody safe in the yard: keep social distance and do not stay in the yard longer than necessary.

See Delivery page for more information.

You can buy online 0.5 or more cubic yards of A Gavel or sand.

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NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.