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A Gravel (Granular A)

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What is A Gravel?

Our A Gravel (its alternative name is Granular A) is sand and granite mixture. Both A Gravel and 3/4 Crusher Run are suitable for making roads, driveways, parking lots and other paved areas with traffic. These aggregates look messy and dusty, unlike clear gravels, but there is an important reason for it. Containing fine particles, they are self-binding and capable of creating a solid layer, if compacted. The compaction ensues paving quality and durability.

A budget solution: gravel driveway

As a budget option, you can make your driveway of A Gravel or Crusher Run alone, but with the snowy winters in Barrie and area, it is better to lay a harder paving material on top of the gravel for easier maintenance. If the surface paving materials are blocks or slabs, you need to put a layer of bedding material on top of A Gravel layer under the pavers for easier leveling.

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