• $6.05/ Grid

Shed base

A 20-year warranty shed foundation and floor

Use Hanpave grids to make simple, strong, and concrete-free foundations for small sheds and other yard objects. In making foundations, our plastic paving grids beat concrete or wood because they are

  • long-lasting
  • cost-effective
  • time-saving
  • lightweight
  • easily installed and adaptable for to size

How to install a shed foundation with floor

Depending on the shed size and weight and your ground nature, you either need a compacted underground sub-base of gravel for your shed or install it right on the levelled and compacted ground. The base dimensions can be the same as your shed or a little wider. After the preparing of the sub-base or ground:

  1. place a filter cloth on the sub-base or prepared ground to prevent mixing the grid filler with the sub-base material or soil
  2. install & interlock grids on top
  3. fill the grids with HPB (High-performance Bedding) you can buy from us

HPB, a drainable aggregate, will let any liquid out, so the floor stays dry.

If your shed area is less than 10m2, does not contain plumbing and meets zoning requirements, you don't need a building permit in the city of Barrie.

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updated on January 6, 2024

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