• $850.00/ Skid

Limestone blocks, 10 x 12 inch

Uniform size

10 x 12-inch stone is great for building garden walls and other landscaping structures: they have permanent cross-sectional dimensions and random lengths. The weights of the blocks vary with their length; for example, a 2-ft long one may weigh 280 lbs. But there are shorter blocks on a skid that are lighter: about 140lbs/foot on average.

One skid of 10x12-inch retaining wall stone makes about 27-30 linear feet.

We deliver limestone blocks

The above price is for pick up. For an extra cost, we deliver in Barrie and up to 120 km away. We unload very gently and as close to the job place as our 10 feet wide and 20' long truck allows.

On the Delivery page of this website, you can check the prices for deliveries to different locations (per truck ride.) Scroll the Delivery page down to the bottom to see the delivery prices.

We have a variety of natural stone blocks for exterior wall building, come and look in our stone yard at 44 Hart Drive in Barrie.

People ask: Can I use 10"x12" stone to build a 6' retaining wall?

I would strongly recommend consulting a specialist on retaining walls. He/she inspects the site and takes into account all the factors, like the soil type, the slope steepness, the elements to which the wall will be exposed, etc. A six-inch high retaining wall is a serious engineering structure.

You could probably use 10" retaining wall stone if there is no surcharge pressure on the retaining wall.

In other words, if the slope continues upward at the 6' level of the wall, then it is too much pressure on the wall. Heavier stones are recommended.

If the slope does not continue upward at the 6' level of the wall, then there is a chance you can use this 10" retaining wall stone, but you need at least 2 feet thick 3/4 clear stone layer behind the wall for drainage.

If the slope does continue upward at the 6' level of the wall, then installing geogrid behind the retaining wall may help to stabilize it. Geogrids for retaining walls are used if the walls are taller than three or four feet. When deciding whether to use geogrid, the soil and drainage conditions are taken into account too.

10"x12" block predominantly intended for smaller structures: 2-3 feet high. For higher walls, especially retaining walls, you better use heavier stone.

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Last updated on Nov. 19, 2022

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