• $205.00/ Step

Stone steps, 4 ft long

We sell sandstone steps of various sizes since 2018, and the customers are happy with them. Nobody complained.


Sandstone is a quality building material, natural stone that people use for construction and other purposes since prehistoric times till now. Many famous buildings (like The White House in Washington, USA) are made of sandstone.

The color of sandstone depends on its composition and can be of different shades of yellow, brown, or grey. Our sandstone steps are of light grey color.

Sandstone vs. limestone

Compared to limestone, sandstone is harder. It means sandstone items are more resistant to scratches than limestone ones.

Sandstone is more resistant to impact than limestone. You can drop heavier things on your sandstone step than on limestone step without breaking the step.

People ask: do you install steps?

We do not install steps; we only sell them and deliver.

Stone step delivery

The indicated price is for pickup in our yard in Barrie. Step delivery is available for extra cost: $60+tax in the city of Barrie. Deliveries to other locations are more expensive. Check a truck ride cost to your location on the "delivery" page of this website.

With our 10ft x 20ft truck equipped by a portable crane, we unload steps very gently and as close to the job site as possible.

2018 - 2020 Alla Khandoga

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.