• $4.70/ Unit

Grass pavers (Hanpave™ grids)

What is grass paver?

Grass pavers reinforce the soil in which the grass grows and make the lawn resistant to damage caused by walking or riding on it. You can create walkways, parking spots, or driveways on grass that, unlike solid ones, can absorb the rainwater and help reduce erosion and flooding.

Filtering water through the soil before getting to the water bodies (rather than getting directly into the water bodies through storm-water culverts) is critical for preventing water pollution.

There are various grass pavers on the market with different characteristics and made of different materials: usually plastics or concretes.

Hanpave™ grids can be used as grass pavers (see the right picture below). By soil reinforcement, they help to prevent soil compaction. With a proper base, they allow to even heavy vehicles parking on the grass. We can supply you with the seed of the grass, recommended for areas with plastic grids for car parking. Ask "Park & Play" grass seed mix at our stone yard.

Scroll down this page to the very end and click on the picture to watch the video on how to install Hanpave™ grids for grass parking areas.

Gravel pavers

Hanpave™ grids can also be used as gravel pavers (see the left picture below). They provide gravel reinforcement, and with proper base are capable of handling extreme loads, for example, heavy vehicles. We also sell gravel for creating the base.

Applications include:

  • Driveways,
  • parking, laneways,
  • driveway extensions,
  • boat launches,
  • trail retention,
  • slope stabilization, etc.
The detailed technical specifications and installation guide of the paver grid system are available on request. The guide shows how to prepare a proper base for heavy vehicles. Essentially, it is the same base as for stone interlock pavers.

Hanpave is made of Canadian plastic waste by a local producer.

Plastic driveway grid price

Grass driveway pavers cost $4.70 a unit ($3.98 a square foot). Every unit is an individual grid that covers 1.18 square feet. By interlocking the units, you can create a paved area of desirable dimensions (width, length, and coverage). There are 486 units per skid packed in layers (9 units in a layer, already interlocked) making it very fast and simple to pull off and lay. It is easy to unlock the units, if necessary.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please, contact us by email: manager@rocksandgravel.ca or phone (705)728-5448. In the cold season, please, call to find out the working hours, before you come. The hours are weather dependent.

Slope stabilization product

You can use Hanpave™ to prevent the soil washout: install the grass pavers on the slope, fill with the soil and sow grass seed or sod in them.

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