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Enviro-Eco LS grass seed mix, 10lb bag

Enviro Eco is unavailable right now. Try our drough-tolerant HardiLawn instead.

Low water grass alternative

If you prefer a drought-tolerant lawn of darker green color, then HardiLawn is your choice. This mix contains 30% of sturdy LS Perennial Ryegrass varieties for the darker green color and thrives on sandy soils.

Drought tolerant and slow-growing grass

Enviro Eco grass seed mixture is drought tolerant when established, grows well in sunny or shady places. It has the natural capability to spread with underground stolons and does not need any watering if you receive more than 18" of rain. The mix is cold-tolerant and designed for the Canadian climate. 10% of LS Perennial Ryegrass is added to the fescues to stabilize the turf.

No-fertilize and no-mow grass seed for Canada

Sow Enviro Eco LS to get an excellent lawn or pasture grass of a light green color. The grass is lush but naturally slow-growing, so you normally mow only four to five times a year. However, some people mow only once or twice each season or do not mow at all, and the grass still looks tidy.

Enviro eco mix can do very well on poor soils and does not require fertilizing due to slow-growing.

Another benefit of this mix is the compatibility of fescues with small, spring-blooming bulbs that will bloom, grow and mature before the turf is ready for the first cut.

1 kg of Enviro Eco seeds up to 32 sq. meters / 344 sq. foot. A 2-kg bag of Enviro Eco is enough to seed up to 688 square feet.

The composition: four fine fescues with LS Perennial Ryegrass

  • 30% Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue,
  • 20% Compass Chewing Fescue,
  • 20% Beacon Hard Fescue,
  • 20% Sheep Fescue,
  • 10% of LS Perennial Ryegrass.

LS here stands for Lateral Spread grass, a blend of elite grass varieties bred specifically to excel under the intense wear. LS grass is so unique it's been awarded a patent!

Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue, the main component of EnviroEco LS

Cardinal is a high-quality creeping red fescue to produce turf tolerable to wear, shadow, and other unfavourable conditions. It has beautiful dark green color. The turf is of excellent quality when mowed as well as when kept with no mowing. Cardinal disease resistance is scored high against diseases like Dollar Spot, Red Thread and Summer Patch.

If you need Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue seed, let me know, and I order it for you with my next bulk order to the grower.

What is special about our grass mixtures

We carry a variety of grass seed mixes for different needs in the Canadian climate. We, Rock and Gravel Boutique Ferndale Gardens, are an Authorized Retailer of the Number One seed manufacturer in Canada. This manufacturer is the only one in Canada authorized to use patented LS grasses.

Most of the mixes we sell contain LS grass varieties. They are not only able to withstand wear but also can self-repair those heavy traffic areas.

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