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Estate LS, grass seed 25lbs

This mix is unavailable right now. Try our potent Premium Plus LS seed mix. It also contains beautiful Kentucky Blue Grass to add dark green color to a lawn.

A lawn mix for loam to clay soils

If the soil is well-balanced and contains a reasonable amount of clay, Estate LS will thrive! Even if the soil is not ideal (contains much clay but still well-drained), you get a dark green and extremely wear-resistant lawn with this mix. It is designed for the Canadian climate and loam to clay soils only.

Estate LS is not drought- and heat-tolerant, but it can recover from the damage caused by drought and heat. It tillers aggressively and restores dense and uniform turf.

If your soil predominantly contains sand, then HardiLawn LS lawn mix rather than Estate LS is your choice.

How to tell your soil contains lots of clay?

Clay is smearing and sticky when wet. Take a handful of damp soil and squeeze it in your hand, then open your hand. If the soil lump does not fall apart, then your soil contains clay. If the soil was sandy it would fall apart.

What grasses are mixed in Estate LS mix?

They are high-performance and visually pleasing grasses:

  • 50% of beautiful Kentucky Blue Grass,
  • 20% Creeping Red Fescue, and
  • 30% Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass.

LS is for "lateral spread," a unique, patented variety of grass that aggressively tillers and quickly recovers in highly used areas.

The grass seed coverage

50 lb of Estate LS seeds up to 0.25 acre. 25 lb of Estate seeds up to 5,375 square feet. 10 lb of Estate LS seeds up to 2,150 square feet. 1 kg of Estate LS seeds up to 44 sq meters or 474 sq feet.

Other mixtures may have different coverage. A grass seed mix coverage depends on the composition of the mix. Call our office for the availability of the mixes in the packages you require.

Estate mix consists of pure, high-quality seed with no fillers

This mixture contains 100% seed: no coatings or fertilizers. Mother Nature supplies everything a seed needs for successful germination and rooting. After that, fertilize your grass if your soil does not have enough nutrients.

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Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021

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