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Hardilawn LS, 10-lb grass seed bag

25 and 50-lb bags of HardiLawn LS are also available.

Heat- and drought-tolerant grass for sandy soil

Your grass will stay green after hot summers! Other grasses can hardly survive on sandy soils, but HardiLawn LS thrives on them. It tillers aggressively and produces dark green, dense, and wear tolerant turf.

HardiLawn LS grows slowly, which means fewer mowing and reduced clippings. It is an ideal choice for residential properties to conserve water and withstand traffic but is also used for playgrounds, football fields, golf courses, grass parking areas, etc.

10 lbs of Hardy Lawn can seed up to 1560 sq feet.

Quality and components of HardiLawn LS seed mix

The quality of HardiLawn LS is very high: no cheap annual seed is in it. It contains only quality perennial grasses that create dense and lasting turf.

70% of HardiLawn mix consists of Dynamite LS Tall Fescue, the champion grass carefully bred to withstand drought, insect attack, and several diseases. As a result, the variety became the top performer in the Southeast NTEP trial known among turf specialists.

Other components, 15% Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass and 15% Torsion LS Perennial Ryegrass, stabilize the mix for a possible variation of growing conditions. Being deep-rooted, tall fescue performs in shade and sun and is capable of withstanding summer heat and drought, while perennial ryegrasses will better survive in colder conditions. In this mix, perennial ryegrasses allow the creation of a denser turf before Dynamite LS Tall Fescue is fully established. As with any tall fescue, Dynamite LS Tall Fescue is slower growing than perennial ryegrasses.

The patented LS components of the mix are endophyte enhanced. Endophytes, beneficial fungi living within the grass, help the plants in water management. That's why heat, drought, and pests do not affect the grass. The turf is environmentally friendly and does not need much care.

Other grass seed mixes we carry

Buy premium grass seed mixes for different needs in the Canadian climate. We carry patented self-repairing grasses bred to excel under excessive wear. These grasses were awarded patents!

Most of our mixes contain intensively spreading perennial ryegrass and fescue varieties. These grasses are tough: they withstand intensive wear and regrow in areas of high traffic. Being dark green, they look better than lighter green common European varieties. With fine leaf texture and dense turf, self-repairing grasses are ideal aesthetically under intensive traffic and other harsh conditions.

To say in simple, self-repairing grass varieties are bred to quickly regrow, even if normally their species do not have a distinctive capacity to spread around. This capacity makes it possible for the grass to actively self-repair after damage. Our suppliers produce high-quality seeds for farms, golf courses, and governmental organizations, such as MTO.

How long can grass seeds be stored if not used?

You can store grass seed for 2 years after harvesting without a substantial decrease in germination ability. The longer you store, the lower the germination capacity. This decrease depends on the storage conditions.

Ideally, store the seed in a cool, dry place, like a refrigerator or cold dry shed. You can keep an unopen bag of cold season seed in unheated places in winter for up to 2 years. Just beware of the mice and other seed-loving creatures. After opening or damaging the bag, there is a big chance that the seed absorbs the moisture from the air, and this may decrease the germination ability substantially.

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