• $0.35/ Pound

Flagstone (limestone)

Flagstone thicknesses available:

- three-quarter inch thick
- inch to inch and a half thick
- inch and a half to an inch and three-quarters thick

We sell the random limestone flagstone for $0.35+tax a pound as it is difficult to estimate flagstone per foot price.

Why flagstone price per square foot is difficult to estimate?

First, per square foot price depends on the flagstone's thickness and density. For example, If the flagstone is inch to inch and a half thick, It turns out to be about $6.5 a square foot.

The thinner the flagstone, the more square feet are on a skid or per pound. The thicker the flagstone, the stronger it is, but fewer square feet are on the skid.

Another reason why it is hard to estimate a per-foot price for random flagstone is that the per-foot price depends on how you lay it.

If you want to lay it tight, you need to off-cut some of the pieces to fit them together. You will probably not use the small off-cuts, so the footage covered by the stone will be smaller than when you leave some space between the pieces. In the latter case, the footage will be much larger first because:

  • there are no off-cuts, and
  • the seams will take part of the area, and the broader seams you leave, the larger the footage covered.

How much is a skid of flagstone?

A skid of 1" to 1.5-thick flagstone's price is around $1275+tax.

A skid of 1.5-inch to an inch and three-quarter-thick flagstone costs around $900+tax to $1,100+tax.

The above prices are for your rough estimation only. We sell flagstone by weight: $0.35/lb.

Flagstone coverage

1 skid of 2" thick limestone flagstone covers 120 square feet, 1 skid of 1.25" thick limestone flagstone covers 230 square feet.

How to lay flagstone for landscaping

In the above picture, you can see a flagstone patio DIY project in progress. One of our customers sent us the photo.

This natural flagstone is mostly intended for an outside patio or walkway, but you can also use it for flooring indoors, for example, in a washroom, kitchen, or hallway. It is smooth, and you will not have any trouble putting the furniture on it.

You can install flagstone with or without mortar. If using without mortar, ensure no weeds are left in the area, and the ground is well-levelled. It should not be strictly horizontal. On the contrary, a slight slope is necessary to allow water to flow away from the pavement. Put down a water-permeable landscaping fabric on the ground before installing flagstone to prevent weed growth between the pavers. If the gaps between the pavers are wide, you can fill them with pea gravel or mulch. Or sow grass.

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Last updated on Oct. 28, 2022

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