• $0.50/ Pound

Purple quartzite flagstone

1-inch to 1.25-inch thick.

In the picture below: a skid of purple quartzite flagstone.

Currently, we have only about 80 square feet of this purple flagstone left (a little more than half a skid). We sell it for $0.50+tax a pound or take all of it for $600+tax. It is very strong, and the thickness is 1 to 1.25 inch that is a perfect thickness for the quartzite flagstone as it is much stronger than the limestone flag. The pieces are of the right size and shape. The color is reddish.

Our reddish-purple quartzite flagstone is unique. Its noble color derives from ferrous compounds that are naturally present in the environment. The color combines perfectly with other natural stones (white, grey, or brown) used in landscaping. When making a patio, walkway, or even driveway, you can combine this flagstone with flagstones of other colors. It will add an accent to a monotonous landscape.

Purple flagstone provides a great background for the plants' green foliage and bright flowers of various colors, especially white, yellow, and blue.

We can deliver the flagstone to you (for an extra cost depending on where to deliver) and unload gently where necessary, provided our 10x20-ft truck can reach there with the portable crane.

Flagstone types

Many types of flagstone exist, as the properties of these naturally flat stones vary depending on

  • stone (e.g., limestone, quartzite, granite, slate, etc.)
  • pieces shape: regular (square, rectangular), or irregular (random: naturally broken pieces of flagstone)
  • pieces color: grey, purple, golden, blue, etc
  • pieces thickness: may vary from less than 1 inch to 3 inches

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