• $89.00/ Roll

4'x100' Landscape fabric, 20-year weed free guarantee

How to buy 4'x100' heavy-duty landscape fabric?

1. Buy it online together with the loose products, like river rocks, pea stone, or HPB; we will deliver the fabric in the same truck. No extra delivery cost for the fabric. Check our truck ride prices for bulk products delivery on our Delivery page.

2. Pick up the fabric in our yard. Check our office hours on our Contact page,

3. Postal delivery is possible but not very feasible.

Weed barrier

This fabric will not degrade for 20 years to help you control weeds in your garden. You can use it permanently for perennials. Also, as seasonal ground cover for a vegetable garden to protect soil between the rows from weeds, erosion, compaction and drying up. You can walk over it with no fear of damage, as it is very durable and puncture-resistant. The benefits of using permeable woven fabric in a vegetable garden (keeping the fruit clean, weeds away and soil moist and aerated) are shown in a short video.

In landscaping, it is also widely used for garden weed control under a decorative stone or mulch, under decks and porches, etc.

Erosion control geotextile

The bare land between young plants is easily subject to erosion. If covered with permeable fabric, the soil not erode while staying moist to support the young plants.

Base stabilization fabric

Garden walkways in poor soil conditions need soil stabilization before the pavement installing. Otherwise, they will not last stay for a long time.

ProGuard is durable enough to optimize load distribution and increase the bearing capacity of the areas with temporary or permanent light vehicle traffic.

Being placed under aggregate, ProGuard improves the soil under the pavement (subgrade) support and prolongs a pathway's lifespan by reducing and spreading the stress on the weak subgrade.

As you can see, quality landscape fabric is multi-functional and helps in many ways.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022

NOTE: This product can NOT be purchased online. If you want to buy it, please, contact us.