Deluxe Overseed LS, grass seeds 25lb (11.34 kg) bag

DeLuxe Overseed lawn mix 25 lb: $75; 50 lb: $150

If you want us to mail you the seed, please contact We can quickly set up our website so that you could buy the seed online with postal delivery. Currently, the website is set up for heavy products truck delivery (or no delivery) to your location. 10 lb bags of DeLuxe Overseed are available.

Seed coverage

  • 50 lbs of of Deluxe Overseed LS seeds up to 0.25 acres.
  • 25 lbs of of Deluxe Overseed LS seeds up to 0.125 acres.
  • 1 kg of Deluxe Overseed LS seeds up to 44 sq meters / 474 sq foot.

Best time to overseed lawn in Ontario

The best overseeding time is fall, as cool temperature and rains help you. It is an ideal time for overseeding the lawn. If the weather, pets, drought or other factors made it looking sad. Spring is the second best time to overseed.

Why Deluxe Overseed LS is Number One overseeding mixture in Canada?

  • Deluxe Overseed LS contains lateral spread (LS) Perennial Ryegrass. This hardy grass has been awarded a US patent as it has a unique spreading ability.
  • Deluxe Overseed LS is enhaced by endophytes (natural fungi which grow inside the turfgrass and cooperate with it). Unlike disease-causing fungi, the endophytes are beneficial to the grass. They live entirely completely within the plant and are only visible under a microscope.
  • Deluxe LS works perfectly on most soil types.

How does Deluxe Overseed LS work?

Due to lateral spread (LS) Perennial Ryegrass and endophyte enhancement, Deluxe Overseed mix spreads aggressively. Recuperating fillers of the grass begin to form 1 season (7 months) after overseeding. These fillers allow LS Perennial Ryegrass to spread and fill in much quicker than other "recuperating" ryegrass. Traditional perennial ryegrass does not spread.

The Composition of Deluxe Overseed LS

20% Kentucky Blue Grass, 20% Creeping Red Fescue, 30% Sienna LS Perennial Ryegrass, 30% Insight LS Perennial Ryegrass.

Our supplier of seeds

We are an Authorised Retailer of Number One seed manufacturer in Canada. This grass manufacturer is the only one in Canada that uses LS (Lateral Spread) grass, a blend of elite grass varieties explicitly bred to excel under the excessive wear. LS grass is so unique it's been awarded a patent! Most of the mixes we sell contain LS Perennial Ryegrass and LS Dynamite TallFescue. LS Perennial Ryegrass is one tough grass - not only able to withstand wear! It also can self-repair those heavy traffic areas.

Various packages and types of grass seed

Our grass seeds mixtures can be available in bags containing 10lb (4.54 kg), 2 kg (4.4lb), 1 kg, 25 lbs, and 50 lbs of pure seeds.

We carry a variety of grass seed mixes for different needs in the Canadian climate: various types of growing conditions (sandy or clay-containing soil, dry or shady, etc.), different functions (for parking areas of high human traffic), etc.

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